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You're a "strong, independent woman." 

You strive to "live your best life."

You are the "Lady Boss."

You "Work Hard for Your Money."

You aim to  "Make Your Money Work for You."

You want to believe that "You're Enough,"

Despite constantly feeling that you deserve MORE:

Even When MORE looks to you like 

Simply Equality...

    When becoming the

"strong, independent woman"

"living her best life"

as a "lady boss"

and "working hard for the money"

becomes more of a collection of sound bites in "air quotes" than your real life,

it's time to grab on to some heavy-duty tools and

Create Your Own Powerful, Peaceful Life.


About Me

I'm a woman on a mission. Just because I am using an elevator selfie for this photo doesn't mean you shouldn't take me seriously. Spoiler alert: Life ain't perfect and neither am I. 

And that's fine.

 I'm a writer, a life coach, a yogi, an improv actor, a certified credit counselor, a marketing enthusiast, and a feminist.

My mission is to guide women to create their own Powerful Peaceful Lives on their own terms.

 I'm sick of hearing women can "have it all," when it really means making women feel like they have to DO IT ALL...

Becoming Ms. Less Stress

You may already be super successful. And burned out.

You may be burned out merely by thinking about EVERYTHING you need to DO to achieve "Your Dreams".

Either way, your life is not leading you in a Peaceful Powerful direction--

you deserve a chance to become Ms. Less Stress.

Your Inspired Life Starts Today!


Ms. Less Stress

Monthly Steps to Less Stress

It's more than just counting to 10. How many times can you do that in a day, really?

If you are going to slow down and focus, don't just count, make it COUNT. 

Wooden Hut

“Peace begins with a smile..”

Mother Teresa


Your Inspired Life Starts Today!

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