I don’t know why you are listening to me.

To be fair, If you were in front of me, I would probably think that you had it all together, while I’m here trying to get a handle on all. The. Things.

But I’ve noticed, that’s how a lot of us are.

My struggles of low self-esteem and anxiety and depression were certainly something I tried to hide, but I was sure, everybody could see right through me. Their outsides didn’t look anything like my insides felt. Everybody else has it all together, what was wrong with me?

And then, a bit of self-work (read: therapy and medication) the fog lifted a bit. I sure wasn’t the only one. I told some friends about my anxieties: about being judged, not being successful enough, and feeling like a fraud.

My friends were shocked. “I see you as someone who has it all together. I never would have thought you were insecure at all.” Friends went on to tell me of their insecurities, adding: “I never thought you would be going through the same thing I am.”

And then I realized. So many of us women are holding this in, keeping up appearances for a myriad of reasons—society, relationships, profession.

What if we could understand the actual steps necessary to clear out the junk in our minds that is keeping us from, as they say, “living our best lives?” It’s not just a meme, it’s a goal. And it means creating a less stressful life.

Welcome to Miss Less Stress.

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